Connecting your GitLab Repository to DeployBot

This article explains how to connect DeployBot to a repository at For self-hosted GitLab repositories, please follow the instructions provided in this article.

Click the GitLab tab and create a new account or choose an existing one. Selecting the button Connect new account will re-direct you to the website where you can sign in or register a new account.

After authenticating with GitLab you will get re-directed back to DeployBot. Select a repository from the drop-down menu. Pick a name and enter it in the Title field. Alternatively, DeployBot will pick one for you based on the original name of your repository. The name will be used inside DeployBot only and has no effect on the actual repository. You can also add a color label to make it easier to identify repositories later. Lastly, click Connect.

Adding the Webhook in GitLab

After you have successfully connected DeployBot to your GitLab repository, you have to add DeployBot's automatically created webhook to your GitLab account. This allows DeployBot to refresh the list of commits automatically which means it makes automatic deployments for test/staging environments possible.

Go to your GitLab repository in the dashboard and open Settings / Webhooks & Badges. In the gray field at the top you can find the corresponding webhook which you can simply copy & paste into the GitLab settings.

Select your repository in GitLab and navigate to Settings / Webhooks. Click the green button Add webhook and enter the URL of DeployBot's webhook. Select one or more triggers from the list below, for example Push events, Merge request events, etc. Lastly, click Save changes and you're good to go.

Please note: By default, DeployBot will connect to your GitLab repository via SSH and the URL looks like<account>/<repository>.git. You can change the URL on the Settings page of your repository if necessary.

If you’re having problems, please don't hesitate to contact our support team; we are always happy to help!

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