Connecting your Github repository to DeployBot

Click the “Repositories” tab and select the “Connect a repository” button in the top left.

Next, you’ll need to select the “Github” box displayed at the top of the screen. Then select the “Connect a new account” button. 

After authenticating your Github account, you can select your repository from the dropdown. 

After connecting to your repository, you’ll need to add DeployBot’s webhook to your Github account.
This allows DeployBot to refresh the list of commits automatically, and to make automatic deployments possible. 
Go to your repository > Settings > webhooks and badges to locate your webhook. 

Adding the webhook to Github

To add the webhook to Github, go to your repository settings in Github. Then select webhooks and services from the side menu list, and click “Add webhook”. 

Please note: By default, DeployBot will connect to your Github repository using an SSH URL. You can change that on your repository settings page. 

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