How Do I Trigger My Deployments?

DeployBot has two primary modes of deployment: Automatic and Manual.

Automatic deployments will happen with each push made to your remote repository. Manual deployments can be initiated from the Deploy button in the DeployBot web-app.

To set your deployment mode, navigate to your environments Servers & Settings. The deployment mode is found in the General Settings section.

Can I schedule deployments with DeployBot?

Currently, DeployBot does not have scheduled deployments as we believe that humans should be involved in the deployment process. This especially applies to Production environment deployments where we think they shouldn’t be accidentally scheduled while the team is sleeping.

Other Deployment Methods

Through a Webhook call and the API DeployBot extends the ability to deploy. And trigger deployments in Slack by creating a slash command.

For Manual deployments, a commit message that contains [deploy: environment-name] will trigger a deployment to the specified environment. If the environment name has a space, wrap the name in quotes (i.e., [deploy: "environment name"]).

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