Solving node script deprecation warning

If you encounter the following message in your build log:


This script, located at, used to

install Node.js is deprecated now and will eventually be made inactive.

Please visit the NodeSource distributions Github and follow the

instructions to migrate your repo.

The NodeSource Node.js Linux distributions GitHub repository contains

information about which versions of Node.js and which Linux distributions

are supported and how to install it.


The reason behind this is the modified installation process for Node on Ubuntu. The updated container images for this purpose are as follows:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 - Node 16 (LTS)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 - Node 18 (LTS)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 - Node 20 (LTS)

You can locate these either in the containers tab or directly in the server settings. Should you face any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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