How can I change my account URL?

It is possible to change the sub-domain of your DeployBot account.

To change the sub-domain, log in as the Account Owner and click on Account in the top right. From the account page, you will find an option to edit your sub-domain. Click on the Do you want to change this URL? hyperlink.

You will then be able to type in your desired new sub-domain. Click on €œ Update the URL and your sub-domain will be updated.

Before you change the domain, please keep in mind:

  • Changing your account URL affects API clients and webhooks that refresh the repositories on our side.
  • The change is immediate. Please make sure to update bookmarks and notify users that need to log into your account to be aware of the change.
  • Please make sure to update the webhooks in your GitHub/Bitbucket account to use the new URL.

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