How should I handle deployments with Submodules?

DeployBot supports deploying repositories with submodules. Here are a couple of factors to consider when using submodules.

Submodules linking to a private repository

  • When connecting to a submodule that’s in a private repository, the submodule needs to connect to the repository via SSH.
  • If your submodule is in a private repository, you will need to add DeployBot’s public SSH key for the repository. The key only needs read-only permissions. To find the SSH key, go to the settings page for your repository in DeployBot.

Create a dedicated deployment user

It’s good practice to create a dedicated user for deployments with submodules. This user would have the DeployBot public SSH key for submodules associated with it and only have access to necessary repositories. A dedicated user will resolve many common permission issues with submodules. If you’re a GitHub user, visit GitHub to learn more about their recommendations for dedicated users.

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