Rackspace Cloud Files

DeployBot supports deployments to Rackspace Cloud Files – an easy-to-use online storage for files and media. DeployBot can upload files from your Git repository to your Rackspace Cloud Files either automatically on every push, or manually.

Getting started

When you create a new Environment in the Deployments section you will see a list of available server types that you can add to that Environment:

You can add multiple servers to the same environment, enabling you to deploy to various server types at once. For example, you may have both an SFTP and a Cloud Files server in your Production environment. 

After selecting the Cloud Files server type, you will be presented with the following form to enter your Cloud Files settings:

The form is quite straightforward. Here's a description of some of the fields:

  • Username, API Key — you can grab your username and API keys in your Rackspace Cloud Account settings.
  • Container — the name of container in the Cloud Files account. If you don't have a container yet, DeployBot will create it for you automatically during deployment.
  • Remote path — points to a directory inside your Container where you wish to deploy files from your repository.
  • Country — country where your Rackspace account is created.
  • Region — data center where you want your files to be stored.

Once you're done with the form, DeployBot will verify your credentials and make sure that your Container exists in the account. After that you will be presented with some optional settings, like excluding some of the files from deployment. The only thing left to do is deploy your files!

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